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2019 California Wildfire Season May Be Worse than 2018
The 2019 California Wildfire Season May Be Worse Than 2018
2018 was the deadliest wildfire season in the history of California. Let's explore what 2019 might be like. This is a summary of this WaPo Article.
  • According to the National Interagency Fire Center, higher temperatures in the coming weeks will continue to play a major role in the number of wildfires.
  • Even though California had above average rainfall this past winter it is still at an above-normal risk for wildfires this season. 
  • Through August the highest risk zones are the inland valleys and foothill regions. By late October the risks have increased throughout the entire coastal and mountain regions of the state. 
  • Summer Heat >>> Summer Wildfires
  • Fall Winds >>> Fall Wildfires
  • This season has already been active although it has only been so for a few weeks. 
  • Higher elevations have experienced a lighter than normal wildfire season thanks to the long lasting snow and moisture.
  • Above-normal activity is still expected even with the delay from moisture.
  • Last year's higher temperatures in July dried out vegetation much earlier than this year, which has delayed the season a little bit. 
  • As temperatures continue to rise, heat waves can spark new wildfires more easily.
  • A later start to the raining season in fall has correlated with increased fire risk. 

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